Attention Instagrammers: 3D Zebra Crossing Arrives in London

By Gary Cutlack on at

Westminster City Council is trying something new with the paint and the roads and the pedestrian crossings in west London, which is already home to a famous bit of road paint as once walked across by the Beatles. The city now has one of the fancy new 3D zebra crossings (as seen elsewhere), designed to freak drivers out into thinking their exhaust pipes are about to be ripped off by a shed lorry load of concrete lintels.

The 3D crossing has been painted on the road on St John's Wood High Street and its junction with Wellington Place, with the council running a 12-month trial to see if it has any effect on traffic speeds. We suspect it will indeed slow cars dramatically, mainly because of all the social media celebrities doing wacky-faced tiptoeing-across-the-gaps poses for their bored boyfriends to capture for Instagram.

A spokesperson for the council said it also makes life easier for drivers, explaining: "Far from being simply a brilliant innovation that makes the ordinary look eye-grabbing and modern, the 3D effect helps drivers to see the crossing easier." [BBC]