BA Gives Posh Fliers HD TV, Mirrors and Their Own Front Door

By Gary Cutlack on at

British Airways is preparing to take delivery of a load of brand new A350 aircraft this summer, and it's already trying to get its richer fliers interested in booking a luxurious new seat; by demonstrating the options that the likes of us may only get a glimpse of when the Curtain of Class is briefly swept aside and the flight crew come through while downsizing their smiles accordingly.

It's what BA is calling the Club Suite, and it's definitely a suite because it's a larger space than before and comes with its own sliding door for enhanced privacy from the prying eyes of the poor people sitting six metres away. There is also a vanity mirror in there because rich people like looking at their skin and haircuts, it obviously has Wi-Fi so they can say they're on Wi-Fi on a plane as even rich people think that's still an exciting thing, plus there's a huge-for-a-plane 18.5-inch inflight entertainment screen offering HD content.

Posh people don't look out of windows because they go on planes all the time, plus they have plenty of windows at home, often even ones in their bathrooms too. [BA]