Behold the Best Worst iPhone in the World

By Holly Brockwell on at

'Royal gift' company Caviar has taken the name of the iPhone XS a bit too literally, it seems: they've made officially the most ridiculous handset we've ever seen.

Look at it.

With the predictably wanky name of the Grand Complications Skeleton Tourbillon, it's a limited-edition iPhone XS or XS Max with an entire skeletonised mechanical watch on the back, plus a tourbillon -- which, to save you Googling it, comes from the French for 'whirlwind' and is a constantly-moving device that used to help keep the watch accurate but now just looks fancy.

There are only 99 of this ridiculous device available, possibly because the audience for something like this is severely limited to people with too much money and absolutely no taste.

In fact, it's things like this that the subreddit 'Awful Taste But Great Execution' (ATBGE) was made for.

The back panel of the phone is made from titanium with 24K gold plating and sapphire crystal protecting the dial. The design is apparently based on the planets, if the planets were designed by Liberace.

There's a dial on the edge of the phone to wind the watch, which you'll have to do every 30 hours. Yeah, that's not going to get annoying at all. Also, did no one tell Caviar there's a clock on the front of the phone...?

The Grand Complications Skeleton Tourbillon is available as an iPhone XS or XS Max, in 64, 128 or 512GB variations. We're not really sure why they've done that -- if you're going to spend megabucks on this ridiculous contraption, surely you're not going to cheap out on 64GB of storage?

The highest spec phone will cost you a measly $9,820, which translates to about £7,500. Mere pocket change for you oligarchs -- it costs more than that to buy your thick child's way into the Ivy League. [TomsGuide]

All images: Caviar