The 15 Best Mother's Day Gifts for Geeky Mums

By Holly Brockwell on at

Every mum is different, and some of them are giant nerds. This being Giz UK, you won't find any perfume or flowery nonsense here -- just good ol' geekery to surprise your mum with on March 31st.

To the presents!

1. Kingdom Hearts 3, £35.99

Mum probably feels like she's been waiting for this game since before you were born, but boy was it worth it. All the best characters from Toy Story, Frozen, Monsters Inc and the rest turn up in this adorably absorbing journey through Disney's colossal IP empire.

For extra gifting kudos, grab the Deluxe Edition with its steelbook case, artwork book and pin badge. [Buy it here]

2. Bellabeat Time Smartwatch, £138

In Silver or Rose Gold, this watch is more of a fitness tracker than a true smartwatch, but it makes a good happy medium for people who don't want email notifications buzzing their wrists all the time.

You don't have to charge it (because it has a 6-month replaceable watch battery), and it's water resistant so mum doesn't have to take it off to shower.

Time can track sleep, activity and stress, syncing data to the Bellabeat app with a simple double-tap. [Buy it here]

3. V&A Knomad organiser, £79

Knomo is one of the only companies that really gets what geeky women want from a bag. The art deco V&A patterned Knomad organiser has pockets and sections for all your gadgets, and fits up to a 10.5-inch tablet. It has an RFID-blocking card section for extra security, and there's a code on the label that mum can register on the website so it gets back to her if she leaves it on a bus, like she did with you when you were a baby. [Buy it here]

4. Pela plastic-free phone case, £30

If your mum's on an anti-plastic crusade (good for her), this phone case shows you've been listening and you support her. Plus it looks good and keeps her phone safe, obvs -- providing she's got an iPhone X, 7/Plus, or 8/Plus, anyway.

It's made from a plant-based agricultural by-product, is waterproof and pretty robust, and can be put in a composting bin to break down within 6 months. About the same as an iPhone, then. [Buy it here]

5. Samsung Galaxy Buds, £139

Samsung's answer to airpods sound great, are splashproof, wirelessly charge in their case and kinda look like oddly-placed earrings. Plus the Canary Yellow ones are so bright, they're hard to lose.

If mum's a Samsung kinda lady, she might just love these. [Buy them here]

6. Noveltea Alcoholic Tea, £24.99

We're not sure we need to say much more than "this is tea that is alcoholic" but we will anyway.

Available in two flavours and blended from fancy botanicals, Noveltea can be served hot or cold, but apparently "always in a tea cup."

The flavours are the Tale of Earl Grey, which is obviously Earl Grey but mixed with a strong British gin (also known as "mother's ruin" FYI), or the Tale of Tangier, which is a Moroccan green mint tea with rum and floral citrus notes.

Yeah, we really could have just said "alcoholic tea," couldn't we? [Buy it here]

7. Ember temperature control travel mug, £149.95

While we're on tea, this is the absolute pinnacle of hot drink geekery. Charging on its own little coaster, the Ember travel mug has an app (of course) where you set the exact temperature you want it to keep your drink, and the mug maintains it for two hours. You can rotate the ring at the bottom to change the temperature on the fly, and set presets for different types of hot drink.

Mum can also name her mug, because reasons. It even has an Apple Watch app.

This £150 mug is of course waterproof and submersible, as you'd hope considering £1.50 mugs are too. [Buy it here]

8. Orbit glasses tracker, £34

This little Bluetooth tracker fixes onto the arm of mum's glasses so she can't lose them. As long as they're nearby, she can use the app to make them sound a trill noise so she can work out where they've gone. If they're not in range, the app will show their last GPS location on a map.

Mum will need to keep the battery charged, because this is 2019 and charging your glasses is a totally normal thing to do -- but it lasts up to a month at a time. [Buy it here]

9. Ted Baker 'Selie' Crossbody Phone Case, £59

Somewhere between a phone holder and a clutch bag, this Ted Baker design includes a removable phone case that attaches magnetically to the inside of the bag. The case doesn't mess up wireless charging, and the bag is made of vegan leather so it's OK for all mums.

There's a card holder and mirror inside, and the chain is removable. Perfect for mums who still party -- and happen to have an iPhone XR (although the rose gold version is also available for other iPhones). [Buy it here]

10. Nixplay Seed digital photo frame, £129.99

Mums love their photos, and this is a much geekier way of handing over some memories than just getting a picture framed. It's a digital photo frame, but not as you remember them from the early noughties -- these ones have WiFi and cloud storage, and you can add photos by app and email. You can also connect it to Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox and so on, and friends and family can add photos so you can surprise mum with new pictures.

It comes in four colours, looks surprisingly good for a digital frame, and has a bendy cable that doubles as the stand. [Buy it here]

11. Waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker, £20

Everyone loves to sing in the shower, and this Bluetooth speaker means your mum can have any accompaniment she wants. It suckers onto the tiles, is waterproof (obviously) and comes in lots of styles to match her bathroom.

She'll need to charge it every so often, but it lasts quite a few showers at a time, and saves her bringing her phone into a steamy room. [Buy it here]

12. Lexon Miami Scent aroma diffuser, £84

Once upon a time, you were the one making all the smells in your mum's house. Now you've grown up, give her something that not only looks like some kind of modern art but replaces all your teenage farts with delightful aromas.

It uses ultrasonic vibration to disperse the scent and can be set to either turn itself off after 2 hours, or keep going 'til it's switched off. [Buy it here]

13. Blendsmart 2 automatic makeup brush, £66

The perfect present for techy mums who love their YouTube makeup tutorials, this ingenious brush automatically spins to beautifully buff in foundation, blusher and powder.

The fibres in the brush (which can be switched with other magnetic heads, although you'll need to buy them separately) are antimicrobial and cruelty-free, it comes in black or rose gold and spins at 190RPM -- way more than any lame old human wrist can manage. [Buy it here]

14. 'Thanks for putting up with my shit' gift wrap, £8.99

Not so much a present in itself as an acknowledgement that you're a pain in the bum sometimes. Includes four apparently massive sheets of wrapping paper and four gift tags, and is pretty much guaranteed to get a smile followed by a bollocking for swearing. [Buy it here]

15. Mother's Day Mystery Box, £29.99

Can't think of anything she'd like? Put it in fate's hands. This £30 box of mysteries allegedly contains 'all new contents' (well, you wouldn't want second-hand ones...) worth over £50. Obviously, you have no clue what you're buying until you give it to her, but the reviews are good and Firebox generally sells pretty cool stuff, so it's still better than a petrol station bouquet. [Buy it here]