British Airways Flight Lands at Entirely Wrong Airport

By Gary Cutlack on at

A British Airways flight has made a mammoth international error, somehow managing to take its passengers to Edinburgh instead of Dusseldorf after submitting incorrect paperwork and getting everyone very confused.

It didn't even go off in the right direction to start with, as it took off from City Airport in London and went north up to Edinburgh instead of east to the European continent. And passengers didn't notice either, until the pilot welcomed everyone to Edinburgh and everyone pressed their little overhead panic buttons all at once.

BA charitably (to itself) described the event as an "involuntary stopover" in Edinburgh, and says the plane took off again after a two-and-a-half-hour delay and took everyone to Dusseldorf as expected. The BBC spoke to a passenger who said the pilot asked for a show of hands to see who was expecting to land in Dusseldorf and everyone put their hands up, adding that the toilets got blocked and they ran out of snacks to hand out to people to shut them up.

BA says third party administrators accidentally submitted the previous day's flight programme to pilots, who dutifully followed the entirely wrong orders. [BBC]