Cambridge Plans £4bn Futuristic Tram Network

By Gary Cutlack on at

The mayor of Cambridgeshire & Peterborough seems to think him and his mates can rustle up £4bn to create a local tram network linking the city centre to surrounding towns, and he has the numbers to prove it's a good idea.

A detailed costing report claims that £4 of miscellaneous local economic benefit may enter the region in return for each £1 spent on the mass transport scheme, which is the sort of barnstorming return that should open doors to the heaps of governmental and private funding required to actually make the Cambridgeshire Autonomous Metro dream real.

It wouldn't be autonomous to begin with, mind, as self-driving things are still mainly only driving around pretend land. Also, it would be a tram that's on wheels to save the cost of railing vast parts of the area, plus it's all-electric and battery powered to do away with the need for power lines, so you could be uncharitable and describe it as more of a posh bus network than a hyperlinked urban tramway.

Still, the current plan has two underground stations being built in the centre of Cambridge, which is quite exciting, with the line then spreading out to cover a 142km route around the area, taking passengers out to the surrounding towns of Huntingdon, Haverhill and Mildenhall.

The next step is to spend a mere £1m on assembling an Outline Business Case, to see who might be keen on doing all the awkward paying for it business. [Cambridgeshire Live via The Times]