Cars Sign Own Death Warrant With Plan For Automatic Speed Limiters

By Gary Cutlack on at

EU lawmakers have agreed on a plan to force the introduction of intelligent speed assistance systems in all new cars sold from the year 2022. It's a smart braking system that automatically slows cars when they hit speed limited areas, adding a new layer of boredom to journeys.

Don't go thinking Brexit might save us from the irritating feeling of the power lifting itself off, as our Vehicle Certification Agency has already confirmed that it plans to require future UK laws to mirror these incoming EU regulations, as there are clear safety reasons for doing so. Thousands of people might not die, so it's worth everyone being a bit more bored while driving through Devon.

The systems will most likely include GPS connections and cameras that recognise speed limit signs then slow cars accordingly, although there is to be a get-out clause for drivers; stamping the foot down on the accelerator ought to override the braking commands, should the driver deem a burst of speed necessary for overtaking or... alleviating the boredom of trundling through small towns along A roads at 30mph.

Only one final step of legalese needs to be negotiated before cars start boring everyone with their enforced braking, with the European parliament expected to formally agree the new rules later this year. [Guardian]