Chucky Goes From Creepy Doll to Way Creepier Doll in This Animated History

By Julie Muncy on at

A doll that’s actually a serial killer? That’s creepy. A doll that is actually a serial killer and cannot possibly under any circumstances be killed, for seemingly no reason but franchise inertia? Well, that’s sillier, but it’s also maybe even scarier. No force is more powerful in horror than the call of the sequel, after all.

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, this video by Tell It Animated charts that history, exploring the evolution of Chucky from his first appearance in Child’s Play to the much larger-than-life doll murderer he later became.

The video explores Chucky's flirtation with a knife hand, the frequency with which his head gets completely destroyed, and the evolution of his increasingly aged face. What’s the joy of being a doll if you still have a receding hairline?

Chucky will return again in the upcoming reboot of Child’s Play, out June 21st. There’s also a TV show in the works.

Featured image: Screencap via YouTube/Tell It Animated