Doctors Say We've Probably Already Eaten the Easter Eggs We Bought for Others

By Gary Cutlack on at

Easter eggs going on sale in January is one of our many national shames that's being singled out by doctors today, who say the trend for kicking off the Easter buying as early as possible is making us fat. Because the ones we buy in January get eaten during February periods of weakness. And the ones we buy in February are gone by early March. And so on.

This cycle of Easter shame has been highlighted by the Royal Society of Public Health, which says that a quarter of us have already eaten some Easter chocolate in 2019, despite the fact it's not even April and it's a late one this year. The normalising of eating chocolate in portions the same size as as our heads for three months of the year is bad, the RSPH says, and we're fed up of the way massive chocolate eggs going on sale in January is making Easter less special an event.

RSPH's chief exec Shirley Cramer said: "Our research suggests that the public find this mildly irritating and it is putting unnecessary temptation out there, particularly for children. If supermarkets are serious about tackling the obesity epidemic, we would urge retailers to change their marketing strategies in the interest of the public’s health." [RSPH]

Image credit: Unsplash