Electric Scooters May Become Road/Pavement Legal in Near-ish Future

By Gary Cutlack on at

The government's about to start a full review of the UK's transportation laws, under the wing of what's being referred to as the Future of Mobility: Urban Strategy.

The basic idea of it is to focus on getting cars off the streets and addressing pollution and congestion issues that make urban life a misery for those stuck in some of the stinkiest of urban smog-holes. The Department for Transport says this is the biggest meeting that's been had about the issue in a generation, and it'll specifically address "regulation around new transport modes" that could finally open the door to electric scooters and Segways and Argos Segway clones and Amazon clones of Argos Segway clones becoming commonplace on our pavements.

Electric cargo bikes are specifically mentioned as being a favoured option too, as they're seen as one element of the last-mile fix of the future that could see delivery vans phased out of urban loops. There's then a lot of waffle about electric cars, smartphone payment systems, and the quite exciting proposition that we may be nudged into starting to think of "mobility as a service" rather than a free-for-all for everyone to have their own personal cars. [GOV]