English People Rediscover Ancient Scottish Swear Words

By Gary Cutlack on at

March must be dictionary-buying season for some weird and long forgotten historical reason, as the boffins working for the Oxford English have released their regular round up of all the newly-included words we can expect to find in the latest editions of the famed word book.

The update is being pitched as a sort of Scotland and The Regions special, thanks to being partially based on a crowdsourcing element that asked the public to come up with their regional submissions and favourite local words. And Scotland does indeed have a glorious history of alternative words for the scrotum, the ill-educated, and the confused, hence the likes of bawbag and bampot are now to be found in the OED, along with bigsie and fantoosh. Basically you know how eskimos have hundred of words for all the types of snow? Scotland is like that but with words for gently insulting people.

It's not all ball bags and insults, mind, as the fabulous sitooterie has also made the cut, describing, yes, a place where you can sit outside. And get so cold your bawbag starts dropping hints that it would like to go back in. [OED via Sky News]