You Can Get the Financial Times Free for 6 Months if You Use Google Pay

By Holly Brockwell on at

We're all about the freebies lately. Free Google Home Mini for anyone on Spotify Family, free Sonos One for anyone preordering the Huawei P30, free Google Home with BT fibre broadband – and here's one that doesn't require buying anything in particular.

If you use Google Pay, you can get the Financial Times free for six months. It's free to sign up for Google Pay, and also mega handy if you have an Android phone and tend to leave your debit card in inconvenient places.

After the free six-month subscription, the FT costs a whopping £30 a month (it's for people with money, y'see), so make sure you do actually cancel. Put a note in your calendar or something. We don't want grumpy comments in six months' time!

The offer is only available in the UK, Australia and Canada (but not Quebec, for reasons) -- we're guessing that means our pals in Ireland are shut out as with the Spotify one. Sorry, dudes, we don't think it's fair either.

The offer is also not open to existing FT subscribers, so you can't just take a six month holiday from paying your subscription, sadly. But actually, if you have £30 a month to put towards journalism, send it to Giz UK towers, would you? We've been out of teabags for months.

The offer is open 'til the 30th of April, and you can claim it here.