New Social Network Can Film Vertical and Horizontal Video at the Same Time

By Holly Brockwell on at

A new short video app called Firework has just come out of beta, and it has some pretty cool features that we have no doubt will be plundered by the big guys before long.

The most interesting one is called 'Reveal', and lets you film horizontally and vertically at the same time so everyone watching can choose which way they'd like to watch. You can turn your phone mid-video and see the other view.

It's tricky to explain but makes total sense when you see it in action:

The app is apparently funded by the same people who backed Snapchat and TikTok (back when it was, although that doesn't mean a whole lot – these firms back lots of apps in the hope one will blow up.

It does seem to be doing well, though: Firework claims its beta app amassed a million users faster than any other.

While Reveal is undoubtedly the coolest thing about it, it's also interesting that Firework already has content partners on board. Monetising a social network often comes much later and usually very haphazardly (hello, Twitter) – these guys have already got well-known brands on the app including NBCUniversal and Refinery29. Whether those partners stay when Facebook nicks all the functionality is another question, though.

Former Snapchat director of sales Cory Grenier, now Chief Revenue Officer at Firework, comments:

"We’ve created a non-elitist platform that easily connects extraordinary creators to fans and brands, delivering exciting storytelling, and giving a voice to unique talent.

We all live in a world where time is precious, we are constantly on the go, and no other traditional or social media firm has provided premium user-generated content for everyone to devour within seconds."

We weren't sure we needed another short-form video app on top of TikTok, whatever the Vine sequel Byte ends up being, IGTV and all the various Stories, but this does look interesting.

Have you used Firework? Would you? Too many social networks already? Let us know in the comments – horizontally or vertically, they work both ways. [Tubefilter]