There Won't Be a Folding OnePlus Phone Anytime Soon

By Holly Brockwell on at

While it might seem like everyone's jumping on the foldable bandwagon (hmm, that sounds unsafe), OnePlus has been fairly quiet on that front.

Now, founder Carl Pei has outright said they're not looking at foldables right now.

Talking to Trusted Reviews, Pei said:

"One thing we’re seeing now in the smartphone space, and in technology in general, is it’s more about function than how it works.

Take foldable phones, for instance. OK, now we can have a bigger screen, but very little thought has been put into the fact that now that we have a bigger screen, what are the new interaction models? How does the UX need to change for the larger form factor? It’s just the same thing with a bigger screen."

We don't necessarily agree with Pei's assessment from what we've seen of the changes to Android to accommodate foldables, and the software innovations from companies like Huawei and Samsung on the Mate X and Galaxy Fold respectively. But then we also haven't been allowed proper hands-on time with any of them yet, so it's possible the software experience isn't as good as it looks from afar.

It sounds like OnePlus is taking a similar approach to foldables as it does with wireless charging – the Apple-esque 'let everyone else try it first' method. That's interesting considering the brand used to be known for bringing the very latest flagship features to relatively inexpensive models before the big guys.

On the other hand, the company is definitely going big on another trend for 2019: 5G.

Pei continues:

"We decided to only put our brand on a product that we believe is ready for consumers to really embrace.

So more exploratory form factors like foldables are not really something that we’ve looked at. Our approach would be to see whether it works, whether people like it, before thinking about one for ourselves."

No foldy OnePlus for us anytime soon, then. Do you care? Are you disappointed, or does OnePlus's stance make total sense? Let us know in the comments.