Free Google Home with BT Fibre Broadband

By Holly Brockwell on at

If you've had your eye on a Google Home smart speaker and you're not stuck in a fixed broadband contract, the universe might just have aligned in your favour.

BT's latest deal gives you a free Google Home and up to £90 of prepaid credit cards with some of its Superfast Fibre packages.

Considering the Google Home retails for £129, that's over £200 of rewards on some of the packages, which is not bad going -- especially if it's something you were going to order anyway.

For instance, if you order Superfast Fibre Essential (36Mb on average), you get the Google Home and the package costs £29.99 a month.

If you order Superfast Fibre 1 (50Mb on average), you get the Google Home and an £80 BT reward card (which you can spend at most places that take Mastercard).

If you go for the big package – Superfast Fibre 2 at an average of 67Mb – you get the Google Home and a £90 BT reward card.

The offer is available until the 25th of April, so you've got a little while to make up your mind.

If you're also on Spotify Family, that could be two free Google devices you're landing this week. We do look after you, eh? [Techradar]