'Get Outlook for iOS' is the new 'Ed Balls' on Twitter

By Holly Brockwell on at

Remember when Ed Balls tried to search his own name and tweeted it instead? Twitter does. And now it'll forever remember the time Tory MP Geoffrey Cox QC managed to include the message "Get Outlook for iOS" at the end of an otherwise serious tweet (ill-advised use of the phrase "fag ends" notwithstanding):

How did this happen? Well, most likely, Cox was told what to tweet in an email, copied and pasted and accidentally included the automatic signature sent by the sender's copy of — you guessed it—- Outlook for iOS.

Amazingly, Cox hasn't taken the tweet down, though he does seem to know about the blunder, based on this tweet:

It's surprising that he even noticed considering his Twitter bio, in which he outright says he doesn't bother to read replies. He's just there to broadcast at you.

Check out that lovely blank header and low-res avatar too. Sterling example of our tech-savvy ruling class.

Twitter, meanwhile, has been doing what Twitter does best -- absolutely ripping the piss out of Cox and his tweet.


We'll see you on March 4th 2020, when we will once again all Get Outlook For iOS.