Wild Goats Descend on Town Centre Because it's Grim in the Hills

By Holly Brockwell on at

A herd of wild goats has left its home in the hills because it's too bloody wet and windy, and gone to hang out with the humans in the centre of Llandudno.

The 122 Kashmiri goats were originally a present from Queen Victoria, but have long since forgotten their royal heritage and are now happy to hobnob with ordinary people.

They usually graze on the Great Orme limestone headland, but the weather's been so grim of late that they've decided to spend some time eating people's gardens and getting in the way of traffic.

While Conwy council said "generally it is at this time of year that the goats come down to much lower ground because of the bad wet weather," residents said they don't usually get this far.

A local goat said he just fancied a bit of a break.

Local resident Gillian Townsend told the BBC:

"It was quite funny, they decided to herd into the middle of the road, stopping a car and a taxi, then started galloping up Lloyd Street."

Lloyd Street! The humanity.

We can only assume the novelty will soon wear off and the goats will make the same decision as the rest of us: to head home and avoid social engagements for the rest of the year.

Main image: Alistair Young via Flickr CC