How to Hide the Galaxy S10's Hole Punch Camera

By Holly Brockwell on at

Hole punch cameras (or as we like to call them, doughnut phones – 'cause they've got a hole) are almost as divisive as the infamous notch.

But just like the notch, there's a way to turn off the hole in your screen made by the camera if it really bugs you.

It's sadly not some kind of magical cloaking device that makes the camera itself disappear – it's just a software trick. Phones with a notch often included a similar thing, whereby you could expand the notch into a black bar across the screen, thus making it "disappear."

It seems Samsung has included the same trick on the Galaxy S10's software, so if the hole in your screen drives you mad, you can turn it off (like a light switch).

Here's how to do it:

  • Open up Settings
  • Go to Display
  • Tap 'full screen apps'
  • Turn on 'hide front camera'

Ta-daa! It's gone. Why did you buy this phone, again? [Lifehacker]