How to Watch Huawei's P30 Launch Event, Wherever You Are

By Tom Pritchard on at

Yesterday was an Apple day, and today is evidently a Huawei day. The Chinese company has descended on Paris to launch the P30 phone range, and since most of you live in the UK you probably won't have had the chance to be there in person. Thankfully we have the power of livestreaming, and you can tune in regardless of where you are. Home, work, the bus, you name it.

Everything kicks off at 1pm GMT (2pm CET), and you can see the whole thing as it unfolds in the videostream below:

Unfortunately Huawei is never the best at big flashy presentations, and they can be a bit painful to watch. Not as painful as sitting through an hour of Apple rolling famous people out onto the stage to talk about a bunch of random TV shows in excruciating detail, but painful none the less. Thankfully it's our job to do this stuff, and we'll be covering all the big announcements for you to read whenever you like. There's no doubt there will be plenty to talk about.