Huawei Made Some Smart Sunglasses

By Tom Pritchard on at

Huawei's painfully long P30 launch seems to be coming to an end, but the company has rolled out one last surprise. A pair of smart sunglasses that do things. It wasn't immediately clear because the company pulled out a random guy who went off on a tangent about Gentle Monster eyewear shops.

Honestly the whole thing took far too long, with the main focus being on the fact Huawei was working on making smart glasses that were comfortable and stylish, which should be obvious.

What they're for isn't really obvious, but from the sounds of things it's a pair of Bluetooth headphones hidden away inside a pair of sunglasses. There are no earbuds, though, and bone conduction, so instead they have speakers that push sound right at your ears. Huawei promises that it would have to be really loud for other people to hear, so it sounds similar to the speaker on standalone VR headsets like the Oculus Go.

There are no buttons, IP67 water resistance, and it charges contactlessly using NFC and a special charging case. No word on pricing, but they'll be available sometime in July.