Huawei P30 Pro Images Leak, Four Cameras Confirmed

By Holly Brockwell on at

Remember when we doubted this really was the Huawei P30 Pro because we were expecting four rear cameras?

Looks like we were right.

Not only has Huawei CEO Richard Yu semi-confirmed on Chinese social network Weibo that the P30 Pro will indeed have four cameras, but now some purported images of the phone have leaked, and they look a lot more credible than the previous ones.

The Weibo post was ostensibly about a photo of the moon taken by Huawei's R&D department, but the picture has a watermark that Yu only partially censored:

Obviously, the assumption is that it says "Huawei P30 Pro Leica quad camera." The reveal must have been intentional, because those watermarks can be turned off in the app settings, and it also would have been very easy to crop it out. Or cover up the whole of the word "quad"!

The new leaked images come from WinFuture, which has accurately leaked images of products including the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Watch Active in the past.

The P30 Pro images show three cameras in a row – not four as we saw in the previous case leak – with a fourth to the right-hand-side beneath the flash module.

The standard P30 looks similar, just without the 'exclamation mark' to the right:

The images look very plausible, especially as they include a similar iridescent back panel design as existing Huawei and Honor phones like the Mate 20 X and View 20.

We can also see a teardrop notch to the front of the phone, gently curved glass screens, and no fingerprint pad – strongly suggesting it's in-screen as on the Mate 20 Pro.

WinFuture claims the phone also has 'flat cut' edges so you can stand it up on its end -- which would be mega-handy for those of us who like to take photos of phone handsets. Also probably for selfies, night shots and suchlike without a tripod.

It's interesting that the fourth camera is placed separately to the other three, because it rather suggests – as TechRadar speculated – that the fourth sensor offers some kind of fancy new function that Huawei is keeping under wraps, as with the 'hidden' one on the Mate 20 X.

The P30 Pro will launch in Paris on the 26th of March. Team Giz UK will be there, celebrating our endangered freedom of movement three days before Brexit Day. Woohoo! [TechRadar]

All images: WinFuture