Ikea's Made A Flat-Pack Chocolate Bunny for Easter

By Holly Brockwell on at

Well, you can't accuse Ikea of having no sense of humour — the company has fully taken the piss out of itself with its Easter 2019 product: a flat-pack chocolate bunny.

Called VÅRKÄNSLA, which the internet tells us translates to something like 'Spring feeling' or 'the excitement of Spring,' the bunny comes in three pieces that you have to put together yourself. Obviously, you don't have to assemble it if you don't want to — you could just chuck the pieces down the hatch — but in that case, you might as well just buy normal chocolate.

The bunny is made from certified sustainable cacao and stands up on its own when correctly assembled. If it turns out anything like the chest of drawers Giz UK built, it will be on a 45-degree angle and occasionally drop a handle.

We assume the bunny comes with some slightly-sarcastic assembly instructions, but just in case, here's the Giz UK guide to assembling your chocolate rabbit:

Step 1: remove parts from box

And lay out as follows: ears, chassis, weird foot blob.

2. Slot bits into other bits

Specifically, slot the ears into the top of the chassis and the weird foot blob into the bottom. If your bunny looks like it's wearing a hat, you've got them the wrong way round.

3. Stand rabbit up and feel proud

Take a photo for Instagram, then devour.

The VÅRKÄNSLA bunny will be at Ikea stores soon, priced at £2.95. Probably can't even get a Freddo for that nowadays. [Metro]