Inbox By Gmail Shuts Down on 2nd April

By Holly Brockwell on at

If you're a Google fan, you're probably pretty used to things you use shutting down. Inbox by Gmail is the latest app to get 'sunsetted' (Silicon Valley's wanky way of saying 'cancelled'), closing down on the second of April.

Presumably they waited an extra day so no one thought it was just an April Fool.

Inbox launched back in 2014, surprisingly – it doesn't feel nearly five years old. Like Google Plus and Google Wave, it got lots of hype just by being invite-only, but the love didn't last.

Google announced the app would shut down in September last year, saying it would happen in March. They've actually given us slightly more time by bumping the date to April, but that won't be much comfort for people who loved Inbox, like our own David Nield.

Inbox users logging in now are greeted with a warning message:

"This app will be going away in 15 days. You can find your favorite Inbox features in the Gmail app. Your messages are already waiting for you."

Gmail has indeed incorporated some of Inbox's best features, including email snoozing, smart replies and follow-ups (nudges).

If you were a big Inbox user, here's our guide to the best replacements. [Phonedog]