Finally, iOS Users Can Get PS4 Remote Play

By Holly Brockwell on at

Big news in PlayStation world: iPhone and iPad users can finally use the official PS4 Remote Play app that Xperia users have had for about five years (not an exaggeration).

Remote Play came to life all the way back in 2014 with the excellent Sony Xperia Z3, still one of our favourite phones of all time. Sony even made a little doodad to allow you to use your Xperia phone or tablet as a little screen on top of a DualShock pad.

However, despite having proved that they were capable of making an awesome mobile gaming experience for PS4 players, Sony declined to expand it beyond Xperia devices. Admittedly, they probably needed the extra boost in sales, but they could equally have just charged a fiver for the app. Compared to games prices these days, that'd be a bargain.

Geeks being geeks, it wasn't long before both Android and iOS users figured out how to play their PS4 games on their phones without official blessing, but today's announcement means that's no longer necessary -- at least on iOS. As of today, you can download the PS4 Remote Play app from the App Store and sync your games from your console, once you've installed the necessary updates and paired your devices.

Sadly, Sony hasn't made a DualShock controller for iPhones, so you're stuck with third-party products for now (unless, again, you go the unofficial route). But you probably will want to get a controller, because otherwise the controls appear over the top of the game, so you'll need an entirely different set of muscle memory. And that can make the difference between getting the trophy and getting rekt. [Engadget]