Job of Postman Gets Worse

By Gary Cutlack on at

Imagine, for a minute, being a postman around the fringes of a city. Imagine having to find Flat 4b of 17 Meadowlands Court with some arsehole's internet shopping in your bag. It's upstairs. The stairs smell. And he's not in so you have to do a post card. Not just once, but 200 times. Every day. And guess what? It's about to get worse than that for some poor urban postpeople, as they'll soon be expected to do it all while riding and taking care of a massive bike.

A massive bike that's electric, mind, so it should at least give them a bit of help getting up kerbs and over rotting Christmas trees. It's part of a small Royal Mail trial of electric cargo trikes, which'll see a few poor post office workers hauling custom red bikes around Stratford, Cambridge and Sutton Coldfield later this month, to see if they can hack it enough to make it worthwhile rolling out to other, also fairly flat, parts of the country, to pretend it'll lessen pollution.

Print this out and show it to your postman today. See what happens. Try to film his or her reaction. [Twitter]