KFC is Letting People Cook Their Own Chicken in its Kitchens

By Holly Brockwell on at

If you've ever wondered what happens to your finger-lickin' good chicken behind the scenes at KFC, here's your chance to find out – and benefit a charity at the same time.

KFC is opening up the kitchens in 300 of its stores across UK and Ireland on the 30th of March to not only let people have a bit of a nose around, but have a go themselves.

Ticket holders will go behind the scenes and see first hand how the kitchen is run, and then you get to try out hand-breading, frying and building your own KFC burger – fast. Reckon you can do better than your local branch? Put your chicken where your mouth is.

For the £5 ticket price, you get to eat your burger (obviously), alongside a piece of Original Recipe chicken, fries, drink and a side. Some people will also leave with a KFC-branded apron and hat, and "maybe even some elusive chicken cheques." Chequens? Count us in.

Profits go to the KFC Foundation, except in the RoI where it'll be a separate regional charity (KFC hasn't announced which one).

Some of the tickets for the more central KFC branches have sold out, but there are still loads of branches with tickets up for sale.

See if your local chicken emporium is participating on the website here. [Londonist]