KFC Rages Against Your Local [X]FC Clone

By Gary Cutlack on at

KFC is finally striking back against the plethora of PCF and CFC and JFC heated chicken establishments that we see through a beery haze in the late evening, and is attacking them in the only way it knows how -- via a silly TV advertisement. Presumably you can't sue a shop for selling chicken and calling itself Something-Something Fried Chicken in red and white.

Here's KFC getting angry about the high street imitators, in a sort of ironic way, but also in a way where you can tell it's actually quite hurt inside:

It also spells out at the end that the only place to get KFC is at KFC, in case anyone was in doubt and thought that perhaps the UK only has one central fried chicken warehouse that supplies the same stuff to everyone. [YouTube via It's Nice That]