King's Cross St Pancras Has a New Name for Shrove Tuesday

By Holly Brockwell on at

Bet you forgot it's Shrove Tuesday today, didn't you? Well, the staff on London's railways didn't — and they've given King's Cross St Pancras station a festive new name for today only:

Image: kdsmalinga via Reddit

Spotted by kdsmalinga on the London subreddit, the subtle change has delighted the usually grumpy patrons of /r/London, although it's probably confused a fair few tourists as well.

If the sign has reminded you that Shrove Tuesday is indeed upon us — bizarrely in March instead of February — take this as your annual reminder to get down to Tesco before all the lemon juice and sugar is sold out.

Also, no cheating and buying those thick, spongy things the Americans call pancakes — proper thin, slightly burnt 'cakes are the way we do things on these shores, thank you very much.

via GIPHY (crêpe, but so is this joke.)