Labour Lord Demands Number Plates for Cyclists

By Gary Cutlack on at

Lord Winston, who we recognise off 1980s telly for some reason, is thinking of launching a one-man war on cyclists, and is already writing letters to newspapers suggesting he may lead a campaign to make number plates on bikes – and maybe even mandatory insurance for cyclists – a thing that happens.

He's in a bit of an angry phase at the moment, as he explained in a letter to The Times that he was beaten and kicked by a female cyclist after stopping her to say it was illegal to ride on the pavement. This shameful encounter and the support he subsequently received from his knighted friends is encouraging him to consider introducing a private member's bill to the House of Lords, one that would force all cyclists to have licence plates and perhaps insurance too.

Winston explained: "The requirement for number plates would mean cyclists who are blatantly breaking the law can be identified. I think it could prevent some of the lawlessness and some of the aggressiveness." [The Times]