Lego's Announced its Own Foldable to Rival Samsung and Huawei

By Holly Brockwell on at

Those clever types at Lego have seen that we're all excited about foldable phones, and jumped on the bandwagon.

Aping the graphic design of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Lego put out a tweet reminding us all that they had a foldable product long before the big tech guys, and it never needs recharging:

Of course, it's not a phone. It's the Lego Pop-Up Book Set, yours for just £59.99 rather than Huawei's £2k. It also technically has better specs than the Galaxy Fold, with a 5-inch front cover (Samsung's front screen is 4.6) and a whopping 11-inch inside measurement (to Samsung's 7.3).

Of course, the Lego Fold can't actually download apps or do pretty much anything you'd like a smartphone to do.

But it'll keep you occupied in a much more wholesome way than Instagram, and it won't keep you square-eyed and awake past bedtime either. 'Cause it has no backlight.

If you want one, unlike both Samsung and Huawei's foldables, it's on sale now.