Lego Beats Chinese Imitator in Trademark Battle

By Holly Brockwell on at

The UK Intellectual Property Office has cancelled the trademark of a Chinese company making "almost identical" products to Lego with the brand name 'Lepin.'

Lego has been battling to get the trademark cancelled for over a year. Its owner Longjun Toys didn't put up much of a fight – the company apparently originally told Lego to provide proof of its own trademark dominance, to which Lego responded with 5 years of sales figures (zing), and since then Longjun has left it in the hands of the IPO.

Cancelling Longjun's trademark on Tuesday the 19th, the IPO said it believed consumers were likely to be confused when trying to distinguish between Lego and Lepin. In particular, Lepin's logo uses "the same colours as the applicant’s mark in a highly similar structural way."

What could they mean?

The IPO reckoned consumers would be confused by Lepin toys and would think they were "a Chinese version" of Lego.

Considering Lepin makes construction sets called Lepin Star Wars, Lepin City, Lepin Technician and Lepin Creator Expert, we can see their point.

To be fair, its Dinosaur Museum set does look kind of cool though.

And we're sure this version of the house from The Simpsons is fully licensed and totally legit.

As well as cancelling the trademark, the IPO gave Lego its £3,100 costs back.

Lego lawyer Peter Kjaer told WIPR that the outcome "sends a clear message to anyone considering copying our trademarks or intellectual property."

That message, presumably, is "don't."

Post images: LepinWorld. Main image: Rick Mason via Unsplash