The New Ride at Legoland Windsor Smells

By Holly Brockwell on at

Legoland Winsdor is opening its "first scented ride", which isn't a thing anyone had been waiting for, but nonetheless here it is.

The Haunted House Monster Party will open on the 13th of April, offering a "spook-tacular, fully sensory experience and fun for all the family."

Yes, that's right, Legoland is opening a spooky ride in... April. Anyone else reckon they missed their Halloween deadline...?

The ride is apparently "infused with scents chosen by the lead Creative behind the ride, Rosie Brailsford." Now that's a job our careers teachers didn't tell us about.

Brailsford has apparently thoroughly smell-tested a range of stinks:

"When designing The Haunted House Monster Party, our ambition was to create a ride that tantalised all of the senses. Smells have a huge impact on how we take in our surroundings and we didn’t just want them to see, feel and hear the haunted house – but smell it too.

It’s a lot of nose work to pick the right smells. We receive a range of samples that we ‘smell test’, before deciding which one we ultimately think will bring the ride to life. We tested a whole host of different scents; from pina colada, waffle cone, chocolate chip cookies, bubble-gum and cake mixture to earth, oily machinery and musty hallway.

We want families to feel as though they are stepping into a real life haunted house when they first enter through the front doors, so picked the dank and dark smell of “musty hallway”. When you get in to the heart of the party, in the banquet hall, it’s all about the sickly-sweet smells of a kids’ party – think cotton candy, cookies, bubble-gum and sweets."

We hope you actually get some sweets at some point during the ride, otherwise you're going to have a lot of grumpy children on your hands.

Lord Vampyre will open the doors to his house on Saturday the 13th of April, and will apparently invite a ghost, Spiderlady, Monster Scientist, Monster Rocker and joke-telling Lego gargoyles, among others. Last one to book's a stinker.