Lego's Got Another Set of Disney Minifigures on the Way

By Tom Pritchard on at

With news that Steamboat Willie is coming on 1st April, Lego seems to be on a bit of a Disney high. It's just gone and announced that the next range of minifigure blind-bags will feature the second wave of Disney characters. Characters like Anna and Elsa from Frozen, Steamboat Mickey and Minnie, Scrooge McDuck, plus a few other welcome faces.

I count four capes/cloaks in that image, which isn't likely to please Edna Mode one bit.

The selection might seem a bit random, but remember there's already one set of minifigs that link up with a few of these:

That means you can give Mr Incredible his best friend, Aladdin his second-closest ally and arch nemesis, Donald Duck gets his nephews, and so on. Sadly the new packs don't come with a huge pool of gold coins for Scrooge McDuck to leap into on a regular basis.

These won't arrive until 1st May, which means they'll arrive sometime after Steamboat Willie's release on 1st April. That way minifigure collectors might presumably be tempted to drop £80 on the new set to get the grayscale Mouse couple.