Lego's Steamboat Willie Set Will Arrive on 1st April

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last month Lego announced two new sets that spawned from Lego Ideas, the user-created range of sets that's brought classics like the Yellow Submarine, TARDIS, DeLorean, and more. One of the announcements was a Lego rendition of classic-Disney short Steamboat Willie, and the company has just announced it'll go on sale on 1st April.

It's going to cost £80, and comes packing 751 pieces. So it's not going to be the most taxing build, but it still looks quite nice. Pretty different from the original, actually.


It's bigger, with enough room for two minifigs, and much more detailed as a result. It's pretty nice to be honest, even if it is lacking some of the colour you might expect from other themed sets. But hey, the cartoon was black and white, so anything else would be sacrilege.

The set will be available from the Lego website, in store, and (presumably) in third party retailers.