Loewe TVs Can Now Adjust Their Audio to Your Age

By Holly Brockwell on at

After showing it off at IFA and CES, Loewe has now introduced age-personalised sound tech to its range of TVs.

In the same way that someone seeing a blurry picture might reach for a pair of specs, Loewe says its audio tech is an individual fix for the sound coming out of your TV.

The company worked with German audio software creators Mimi Hearing Technologies to create MimiDefined, a software update to Loewe's TVs that personalises sound based on the average hearing of the viewer's age.

The data is based on more than a million anonymous hearing tests, stratified according to their age of birth. However, it's not just a case of turning up the volume if you're older: the software personalises the mix depending on the types of sound you're likely to be able to hear better or worse. For instance, it might pull out the speech sounds so they can be distinguished better against background noise.

Loewe says the result is "improved sound at lower volume, less noise pollution, and a finer, more individual listening experience for longer, healthier hearing." It's apparently more like listening through headphones than the speakers.

Of course, you're not always watching TV on your own. You can add the ages of your family members to create a group profile, or if you're having a viewing party and want to go back to the default sound mix, you can just turn the feature off in settings.

Loewe CEO Mark Hüsges comments:

"For Loewe the sound in a television is just as important as the imagery. Loewe combines the highest-quality hardware with the latest software to offer our customers the best-possible TV experience both in terms of sound and imagery. Now, the dialogue in your favourite series will be as razor-sharp as the images."

And Dr. Henrik Matthies, CEO of Mimi Hearing Technologies, adds:

"Loewe is synonymous with perfection and enjoyment in entertainment. We are very pleased to be able to bring our personalised sound experience into people's living rooms with Loewe to enjoy TV together with the best-possible combination of imagery and sound."

The MimiDefined software is automatically included on all current and future Loewe models, but people who already own a Loewe TV won't miss out -- it's also available as an update. Check your TV's compatibility here.