London Beats Paris and Barcelona to Most Instagrammable City in Europe

By Holly Brockwell on at

There are some truly beautiful places in Europe, but our very own London has beaten them all to the title of 'Most Instagrammable City', according to a study by holiday lettings site Home To Go.

The study looked at how many times each of the cities was tagged on Instagram, and found that while Paris managed over 100m hashtags, London had almost 120m.

Here's the top 10:

1. London (119.9m hashtags)

2. Paris (100.8m hashtags)

3. Barcelona (47.4m hashtags)

4. Rome (44.8m hashtags)

5. Berlin (36.1m hashtags)

6. Madrid (31.2m hashtags)

7. Amsterdam (26.7m hashtags)

8. Lisbon (17.7m hashtags)

9. Hamburg (15.3m hashtags)

10. Valencia (14.1m hashtags)

While there's no doubt London is absolutely beautiful in places, it's also pretty grim in others – but we're guessing Instagrammers mostly stick to zone 1 and the touristy bits. Fair enough really, we don't tend to go looking for housing estates when we're on holiday in Barcelona either.

If you're in any need of inspiration for great London photos to put on your own Instagram, visit the London subreddit at literally any time – it's usually 90 per cent photos and 10 per cent people moaning about photos. [Metro]