McDonald's is Trialling Vegan McNuggets

By Holly Brockwell on at

No one tell the gammons – McDonald's is doing vegan McNuggets now.

Made with mashed potato, onion, chickpeas, corn and carrots covered in breadcrumbs and fried, the McNuggets apparently "look and feel just like regular chicken nuggets." Whether they taste ridiculously similar to meat -- like Greggs' vegan sausage roll – or weirdly plasticky, like most vegan cheese, is yet to be seen.

The new nuggets are only available in selected stores in Norway for the time being (sorry, British veegs), but UK McD's branches do offer vegan options including Happy Meals for self-determining kids, and a spicy veggie wrap for adults.

The Nordic countries do seem to get all the good vegan stuff: Finland got the McVegan burger in October, and there's a McFalafel option in Sweden.

However, the big question for UK vegans is whether you'd trust your local McDonald's to get your order right when it's something as important as excluding meat.

The spicy veggie wrap and other vegetarian and vegan options at McDonald's have repeatedly been accused of containing meat – here's a small sample of Twitter rage:

McDonald's has acknowledged that staff keep getting it wrong, apologised and said they'd give them even more training, but we're not sure that'd be good enough for hardcore vegans.

Would you order vegan McNuggets? Let us know in the comments.