Motorola's Foldable Phone is Indeed a Razr-Like Clamshell

By Holly Brockwell on at

We hoped, we prayed, and it seems the universe listened (for once).

That Motorola foldable phone we've heard a few tidbits about has been revealed in more detail, and it does indeed look like a modern take on the Razr.

XDA Developers quotes a Motorola source as saying that the company is indeed working on a two-screen foldable phone, codenamed Voyager.

It sounds like there'll be an internal and external screen, the inside one being able to fold in half when you close the clamshell handset.

We also have info on a few features of the displays. Per XDA:

  • "When unfolded, the “closed display” can act as a trackpad. Right now, the trackpad functionality is limited to scrolling web pages in Google Chrome and scrolling the apps timeline.
  • Up to 6 Quick Settings tiles will be displayed on the “closed display.” It’s unclear to us if Motorola will allow the user to scroll to see more tiles, however.
  • When in the camera app, the user can tap on the primary display to capture a photo, or swipe up on the primary display to zoom in. Presumably, this will help the user take selfies when holding the phone with the camera pointed toward the user. A countdown timer can also be shown through the dual screen.
  • If the user triggers Google Assistant while the phone is flip [sic] closed, then the Assistant animation can be shown if the user chooses to enable it. Otherwise, the user will be prompted to “flip open to unlock” using their password or PIN.
  • Motorola is testing having the Moto Display app show a clock, pulsing notifications, and controlling media via the external display.
  • The user may be able to have a separate wallpaper showing on the closed display."

Not a great deal to go on there, but interesting nonetheless.

Are you excited for the foldable possibly-a-new-Razr Moto phone? We definitely are, but we'll wait 'til there's more official confirmation than this before we truly wet our pants with glee.