MPs Criticise BBC's HD Albert Square Money Pit

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Public Accounts Committee has given the BBC a right old mauling in front of everyone in the Queen Vic and the nation at large, claiming the corporation has seriously mismanaged the building of Albert Square 2.0; an HD-ready complete rebuild of the EastEnders set that's been in construction for years.

The PAC says the plan to remake the set was "flawed" from the outset, and blames the BBC for making "fundamental project management failures" throughout the process. Hence Neo Walford's budget has ballooned to £87 million – £27m more than originally projected – and the entire build is running a staggering five years late. Several characters will have died and come back to life before it's actually ready for filming in.

The BBC's been told to get its act together, and issue the PAC with regular updates from now on – so expect more embarrassing public tellings-off for the broadcaster. [PAC via BBC]