Aussie Apple Website Briefly Shows New AirPower Mat

By Holly Brockwell on at

Not much slips through the tightly-closed fist that is Apple's product development department, but it seems we might have got lucky just this once.

The Australian Apple website's AirPods page updated after the launch of AirPods 2, and the code included a badly-formed mention of an image that turned out to be a brand-new picture of AirPods charging on an AirPower mat, alongside an iPhone.

9to5mac, which spotted the image, mocked up how it would have looked had the code been written correctly:

We've known the AirPower mat was coming since all the way back in 2017, but allegedly Apple engineers have been struggling to get it to charge three devices at once (the AirPods and AirPod case each have their own level of charge) in the way they wanted.

Now, it seems they might have cracked it. As Techradar points out, the only significant difference from the previous AirPower image we've seen is that the iPhone no longer shows the time alongside the charge levels of the three devices, but the fact that there's a new image at all is a good sign for the mat's future.

The image was of course pulled when people noticed it, and is now nowhere to be seen, but the internet never forgets. Here's hoping the reports we'll get AirPower this spring were true after all.

All images: 9to5Mac