New Renders and 360-Degree Video Claim to Show the OnePlus 7

By Holly Brockwell on at

The techsphere loves a leak, and often gloms onto anything that sounds even slightly like it might be an early glimpse at a new device. There's some serious traffic to be gained from being the first to show an unreleased phone, which is a huge incentive to find leaks wherever you can. There's also very little downside if your leak turns out to be incorrect, as is often the case — everyone just moves on to the next rumour.

Given that background, we have our suspicions about the latest round of 'leaks' of the OnePlus 7. We've already seen the 5G prototype of the 7, which we think it's fair to say won't actually look like this:

And now we have some alleged renders and a 360-degree video, a collaboration between OnLeaks and Pricebaba, purporting to be the regular OnePlus 7 in all its physical glory.

However, these don't look like official renders to us, so we're not going to call them "leaked renders" — we reckon it's more likely they were created by a digital artist based on some leaked specs or CAD files.

That doesn't mean the features we're seeing in the renders aren't accurate — just that we're not convinced the renders themselves came from OnePlus.

The renders show a glossy black handset with slim bezels and a pop-up selfie camera, meaning no notch. That'll be divisive — some people love popup cameras for their extra security and notch-killing abilities, and some people hate them because they're a bit gimmicky and provide an extra point of mechanical failure.

On the back, we've got three cameras and a flash module -- in what looks like a surprisingly fat enclosure. Hopefully it's lower profile on the actual phone.

The rest of the physical features are no surprise, looking much like the OnePlus 6T: volume rocker, power key and do-not-disturb slider on the edges, USB-C charging port and solo speaker on the bottom.

The leak doesn't include any internal specs — furthering our suspicions that these details came from design files — but we do know already that the OnePlus 7 will run on the Snapdragon 855 chipset, and probably won't have wireless charging.

What do you think of these leaks? Legit or suspish? Would you buy a OnePlus phone with a popup camera? Let us know in the comments. [Techradar]

All images: OnLeaks and Pricebaba