Of Course Mums are Stockpiling Tea Bags for Brexit

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some poor data-analyst has been given the job of trawling through the archives of Mumsnet, to populate a list of the most-stockpiled goods the mothers of the nation are hoarding in case of post-Brexit supply chain collapse and mild apocalypse breaking out. Obviously, us being us, the number one most saved-up item is the tea bag. You don't want to have to resort to a supermarket own-brand alternative or, worse still, one of those herbal ones that's been in the cupboard for three years. That'd be worse than WWIII breaking out.

Second on Quartz's list of most stockpiled Brexit preparedness shopping list items of the massed UK mums is toilet roll, with exotic and ironically foreign foodstuff "rice" coming in third. Because even in post-Brexit lawless britain, we'll need something to put in a bowl and take a photo of to put on Instagram, once the military police have re-established control and switched the internet back on in about August.

People are also stockpiling medical supplies, with hayfever mitigator Piriton the top medical item in demand and being panic-stacked up in the bathroom cabinet, followed by relatively hardcore over-the-counter throat anaesthetic Tyrocet. They're in it for the long haul too, these Brexit readiness mums, as they're also stockpiling children's clothes in the next size up, in case the ports are still being blockaded and set afire by fat old men in Nigel Farage masks in the year 2020. [Quartz]