Official Lego Drawers Are Coming Soon

By Holly Brockwell on at

If, like us, you've envied the amazing Build Room on Lego Masters, Lego has some new products on the way to help you recreate it at home.

These official Lego drawers are a collaboration with Room Copenhagen, who also make official display cases, head-shaped storage units and other excellent official products.

Admittedly, the drawers aren't quite as exciting as entire walls of pre-sorted brick drawers, but they're a start.

You also don't technically need official Lego drawers to sort your bricks — a lot of people manage with something like this — but the upside of these ones is that they have a section of baseplate on the front so you can attach something to show what's inside. You could just use Blu-Tac, though.

According to BricksFanz, the top of the drawers also has a space for a 32 x 32 baseplate, so you can build directly on the top if you want.

We don't yet have pricing for the official drawers, but they'll likely be available at Amazon and A Place For Everything like the other Lego/Room Copenhagen collabs.