Behold the OnePlus 7 in All its Gradient Glory

By Holly Brockwell on at

We've already heard a bit about what the OnePlus 7 is likely to be through leaked renders and even a 360-degree video. We're expecting an all-screen phone with a pop-up selfie camera and a treble lens array on the back.

Now, we also know that the phone will come in three new colourways, all of which have a gradient finish.

The leak comes from Tiger Mobiles, and includes a pretty legit-looking image of the new finishes:

Image: Tiger Mobiles

The colours are apparently called Black Yellow, Black Purple and Cyan Grey. Bit boring, innit? We'd suggest, left to right: The Hornet, The Emo and The 1980s Leisure Centre.

The renders include three camera lenses in a vertical array on the back, which matches what we've heard about the OnePlus 7 thus far.

The new look – if the leaks are accurate, of course – reminds us of the duochrome effects on Huawei and Honor phones like the Mate 20 X, Mate 20 Pro and even potentially the upcoming P30.

Compare Black Purple to the Twilight colourway of the Mate 20 Pro, for instance:

It's just flipped, so the black and purple are on opposite ends.

Presumably OnePlus will also offer some more generic designs, including the ever-popular Black-Black. [T3]