OnePlus is Teasing Something Car Related, Like it's Not an Obvious April Fool's Joke

By Tom Pritchard on at

We're in a dangerous part of the year, where the so-called 'fake news' is actually real. Companies big and small are coming up with ways to try and trick people into thinking they're making products that aren't real. Even though April Fool's Day isn't until Monday, a bunch of them have already been announced. So far we've seen phones that claim to be able to tell the difference between vegan and non-vegan food, remote controls for dogs, and more.

Those are just the ones we're allowed to talk about, because as we speak my inbox is flooded with joke products that are under embargo. So when OnePlus goes ahead and does this on Twitter, a few sirens are going off in our head

It's something car-related, naturally, and it seems the budget-premium phone maker has decided to join the legions of pushy marketing departments who want attention for April Fool's Day before March is even over. So well done OnePlus, you got us talking about you. Again. Because the people demand all the OnePlus news whenever it arrives.

So let's take this opportunity to speculate about what the car will involve. My guess is a OnePlus-themed McLaren, because that's an existing partnership and it could easily end up being a real thing. After all, how hard would it be to slap a few OnePlus logos on a single McLaren motor? Not very, is my guess, and it gets them a nice dose of attention just before they start firing up the OnePlus 7 hype train.

That also wouldn't be the dumbest 'prank' in the world. A bit like how ThinkGeek always announces fake products that inevitably end up being mass produced as real things.

Let's wait and see anyway, while openly hoping that more companies follow Microsoft's example and put the era of fake April Fool's products to rest for good.