Leaked Photos Show off the Oppo Reno's Amazing 10x Zoom

By Holly Brockwell on at

We haven't had Oppo phones in the UK for long, and we're not due to see the upcoming Reno -- the Chinese company's new handset with 10x hybrid zoom -- until April. But photos allegedly taken on the device have just leaked on Twitter, and they're pretty impressive.

As with many leaks, this one originated on Weibo. It was then transferred to Twitter by known leaker Venkatesh Babu.G.

One set of photos shows off some gorgeous images purportedly from the Reno's 48MP camera:

And another shows the zoom capabilities:

Let's have a closer look at some of those zoom shots:

Oof. If they're real, that's going to be a very fun camera to play with.

From what we know about the Reno so far, it'll have three lenses on the back: 48MP at f/1.8, 20MP at f/2.6 and a time-of-flight 3D shooter with that epic zoom.

Less exciting on the front, though: just a 16MP selfie cam at f/2.0.

Still, you wouldn't want superzoom on your own face, would you? No one needs to see up their own nose. [Digital Camera World]