Oppo's 'Stick of Gum' Camera is the Weirdest Pop-Up Camera Yet

By Tom Pritchard on at

In the race to figure out how to get a proper full-screen, bezel-free phone without notches and camera holes, many companies have opted for a front-camera that hide away and only pop out when needed. Oppo's done quite a few of them already, and the latest one is one of the strangest designs yet. The 'stick of gum' design is a pop-up camera alright, but it also happens to look like a scalene triangle.

Images of the phone came from Chinese social networking site Weibo, which is also used for plenty more than just leaking information about upcoming phones. Apparently it's already had a bunch of nicknames, including some that liken the camera design to a shark fin (I can see that) and a Zippo-style lighter (I'm not getting that from it at all). See for yourself:

Of course renders can easily be faked, and circulating elsewhere on Weibo are videos of the camera mechanism in use. And it looks exactly how the renders seem to describe.

The phone is called the Oppo Reno, apparently, and the fact that name has come through official channels suggests it's not just a codename. It sounds like one, though, so you're forgiven for immediately assuming it'll get a far more boring name by launch day. According to sources speaking to Slashgear, however, there are multiple Reno models in the works - all of which have different pop-up cameras. There's the 'stick of gum' model mentioned up there, along with a more recognisable sliding camera (similar to the RX17), a smaller pop-up module on top, and a similar module that pops out of the sude.

Why the side? Because why not. Nobody says they can't, and it frees up the top of the phone for other things. Probably.

Apparently the smartphone is likely to be announced for a Chinese launch next month. No word on when it might hit the UK, but considering Oppo now has a solid presence here it hopefully won't take very long. We'll just have to wait and see which type of camera we can get. [Slashgear]