Piped Classical Music Makes Train Station Troublemakers Behave

By Gary Cutlack on at

Regional rail franchisee TransPennine Express is experimenting with playing classical music in Hull train station, after a previous trial that saw the classics played over the speakers at Cleethorpes station reduced levels of antisocial behaviour by either calming the perpetrators or sending them home in disgust.

TPE says the Cleethorpes trial saw complaints of antisocial behaviour on the premises fall by a stonking 75 per cent, which certainly sounds like the rail operator has accidentally uncovered a recipe that could usher in a new dawn of social compliance across the nation.

A TPE spokesperson said that it appears that the classical music was simply scaring off troublemakers, and explained: "It deters youths that possibly don't want to listen to it. We probably used to have about 20 to 25 youths on the station each night and now we'd be lucky to get two or three."

The problem now is that there's a build up of old people hanging around and staring at the speakers, trying to work out what Brahms symphony is currently playing. [BBC]

Image credit: Wikipedia