Plymouth Immortalises Unknown Actress in 7 Metre Tall Statue

By Gary Cutlack on at

A 9.5 tonne bronze statue is arriving in Plymouth by boat, as it's too big to get in by road. It is not of a famous local, and has instead been designed to represent the entire genre of all that is women, as women have traditionally been underrepresented in the worlds of casts and having statues made about them.

Creator Joseph Hillier says the 7-metre bronze – called Messenger – represents a "young and as yet relatively unknown female performer" which is therefore suited to her location outside the Theatre Royal Plymouth, where she'll say something about aspirations or art something, or tell the local theatre goers that women can grow up to have statues made of them too, if they act really hard.

Hillier carried out his artistic duties by saying something arty about it, explaining: "To represent a woman at this scale and in public space has turned out to be a more revolutionary proposition than I had first considered it; At a moment in our history when female actors have transformed the consensus in western society, about the position of women professionally and generally." [Guardian]