Porsche Drivers are the Most Likely Members of the Super Rich to Forget to Pay Their Car Tax

By Gary Cutlack on at

The DVLA has released some list-feature-friendly data on the types of cars that its enforcers have been having a laugh clamping for not having valid taxes, revealing the bizarre fact that Porsche owners are by far the most likely among "prestige" car drivers to have unfortunately forgotten to pay their road tax.

The DVLA says it clamped and impounded 199 Porsches during the 2017/18 tax year, with Porsche topping the list of 350 prestige cars that were done during the last year. Eight Aston Martins were also caught taxless along with seven Ferraris. That's a drop in the ocean when compared with the total figure of shamed motorists, mind, as a staggering 133,000 non-posh vehicles were clamped and fined for being caught out on the roads without having their tax papers in order.

73 London Taxis were caught too; ironic given how they love shouting out of their windows at untaxed cyclists. If you have nothing to do for a bit, the DVLA has issued a staggeringly dull/informative PDF breaking down the makes and models of all the tax-shamed cars of 2017/18. One Hyundai Ioniq driver got caught. One Leyland branded classic Mini owner was done. One Mazda Bongo was caught riding taxless. Endlessly fascinating. I've pinned the tab. [DVLA]